Protect your eyes during sunbed tanning


Tanning through sunbed was the prime topic of discussion for health community couple of months ago, owing to a study that suggested frequent tanning trips to sunbeds can significantly increase your chances for skin cancer.  In fact, while driving to office I heard interviews from many young women, who backed the study with their harsh but real skin cancer experiences.  College of optometrists recommended to wear goggles during sunbed tanning to avoid damage to eyes.

Dr. Susan Blakeney, optometric adviser to the College, said that

  • UV rays in sunbed can lead to long-term damage to eyes as skin of the eye lid is very thin
  • Just closing your eyes during sunbed tanning is not sufficient, you must wear goggles or winkies
  • avoiding use of goggles can lead to benign eye growths called pterygium

Kathy Banks of the Sunbed Association acknowledged that the customers were provided with the goggles to wear and it was in benefit to the customers.

It looks like some fashion frenzy people do not use goggles as per Ms. Banks And the majority...

of users do wear them, but you will get a few who will refuse, mainly because they don’t want white patches around the eyes known as panda eyes.”

You have just one pair of eyes, which are one of the most precious parts of your body.  Can you imagine, how world would look like without proper vision? In the first place frequent visit to sunbeds is not recommended as sunbeds expose your body to harmful UV rays. None-the-less while you are working on getting the right color (tan) to your body, wear goggles to make sure you don’t loose your ability to distinguish colors.



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