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We receive Mayo Clinic Health letter every month in my office, which is very informative and has the latest scientific research. While glancing through the newsletter, I found interesting tips to get rid of stuck rings from the hand. It happened with me once during extreme winters, when I got swelling in my hands and legs. It is very irritating situation, I tried, but was unable to take off the ring.

This situation can be frustrating and if you’re preparing for surgery, ring removal becomes a safety concern. If your hand is involved in an accident, it is recommended to remove rings immediately.  Rapidly swelling fingers can trap rings on your fingers, and hospital staff usually prefer to cut rings off, rather than trying to remove them intact.

I would like to discuss some tips to remove the stuck ring that I found in Mayo Clinic News letter.

Why does stuck ring raise concern of safety?
Hands may swell during surgery due to intravenous fluids and other factors, which could cause tissue damage. Electrical currents from surgical tools may result in burns where metal contacts skin. Contaminants from a dirty ring may result in infection. 

Elevation: Raise your arm as high as possibly comfortable for a few minutes to reduce swelling in your fingers.

Cooling your hand: The theory is...

that rings fit more loosely on a cold hand. Try cooling your hand in a sink or basin of ice cold water.

Lubrication: Soap and water can be helpful, as can KY jelly or a water soluble cream or lotion. Common ammonia based window cleaners can help by making skin slippery.

The Caterpillar technique: Lubricate the entire finger and ring. Then, exert pressure upward on the ring as you rock the ring’s top portion forward. Release pressure and now press down on the top of the ring and rock the bottom of the ring ahead toward the fingertip repeat until the ring slips off.

If all the options fail and if you can, see a jeweler who is trained in how best to cut a ring off so it can resized for a better fit after a surgery.  You might have emotional attachment to the ring, like your wedding ring that you care enough wear it after your major surgery. 

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  2. R. Miller says:

    I have arithritis in my ring finger and need to get off my ring. Could you please give me some tips – I have tried soap, oil, lotions etc. to no avail. I really would like to avoid having to cut it off because it was my Dad’s ring and has alot of sentimal value. Thank You

    I was even thinking about acupunture to reduce the swelling??

  3. chanoktavia says:

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