Reduce kid’s video game time to lower risk of depression and anxiety


Gaming industry has become far advanced and with Nintendo Wii, Microsoft X-box Kinect, Sony Play station, the gaming experience has reached to a different level.  Latest innovations include playing games without use of any remote control in combination of 3-D graphics allure children more and more.  According to paper published in American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), computer or television screens during playing games can have negative effect on children’s brain to the level that it can lead to depression, anxiety and poor grades.

The research involved studying the gaming habits of more than 3,000 elementary and middle-schoolers over two years.  Although the researchers found only nine percent of young children to be pathological gamers, but the study revealed interesting results.  Researchers used 31 hrs a week of video games playing as criteria for excessive gaming.  Research revealed that:

  • High risk of development of addition to video games was observed in children who were socially awkward and were highly impulsive appear.
  • Also, such kids were associated with propensity towards violent games.
  • Direction correlation between youngster’s playing time was seen with severity of depressed and anxious behavior.
  • Screen time was also linked with poor relationships...

    with their parents as well as declining performance in school.

Are you wondering about children’s willingness to give up excessive gaming ability?  The research found that 84% kids who were addicted to gaming at the beginning of study remained addicted till the end. It was interesting to note that the kids that were able to reduce the amount of playing reported a reduction in their levels of depression and anxiety.

There are many games that can educate your kids or increase certain skill set, but excess of anything is bad.  The AAP recommends that elementary school age children should not spend more than an hour in front of screen in a day and high schoolers no more than two.

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