Now you can reduce weight by scarless surgery through mouth


obesityAs per National Center for Health Statistics of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention – “Millions of peoples in the United States and around the world are overweight or obese. Over 60 percent of U.S. adult women are overweight. Over one-third of overweight adult women are obese”. Obesity is associated with various chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.


The best way to lose weight is to use more calories via healthy eating plan and being more active. If people fail to lose weight with natural methods, surgery might be an option for them. Weight loss surgeries also called bariatric surgeries, can help treat obesity. Surgeries should only be considered for weight loss if people have a Body Mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher; have a BMI of 35 or higher and weight-related health problems and have not had success with other weight-loss methods.


Don’t forget any time you have surgery there are always drawbacks and risks associated with it. Infection, internal bleeding, anesthesia complications, ulcers, pulmonary problems, and other complications may arise during or after your weight loss surgery.


But no doubt there are many benefits of weight loss surgery like majority of obese people lose a significant amount of weight most of the time. Weight loss helps in lowering blood pressure, decreasing risk for heart disease and diabetes and increased self esteem and self confidence.


Recently a scarless obesity surgery is steaming the heat in the news. This new method is a part of a medical movement to perform stomach surgery through body openings such as the nose, mouth and vagina instead of making cuts.


What is the new TOGA Scarless Obesity surgery?

Recently surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles performed obesity surgery that involves stapling of stomach via the mouth, without making any cuts in stomach. This surgery is known as Scarless Obesity Surgery or Transoral Gastroplasty (TOGA). During the procedure doctors snake thick tubing down the throat to staple portions of the upper stomach.  Stapling creates a narrow passage that slows down the movement of food from upper stomach to the lower stomach, thereby gives patients a feeling of fullness more quickly and thus limiting their capacity to consume food.  


How many patients have undergone scarless obesity surgery as a part of study?

The U.S. study is taking place in 10 centers. Preliminary results from about 200 U.S. patients and 100 in Europe were found promising. However, patients will be followed for at least one year and result would be available in 2010.


What is the outcome of surgery on patients till now?

Obese European patients have lost an average of about...

45 percent of their body weight after 18 months of surgery confirmed by Dr. Gregg Nishi, a surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.


Image Credit: ChicagoTribune

Liliana Gomez, among the first Americans who have the scarless obesity surgery last year has lost about 40 pounds after the surgery and still losing weight. She has cut her meal portions by more than half and still feels full.


A 35-year-old mother of three is still obese according to BMI standards after having surgery.


What are the advantages of scarless surgery over other obesity surgeries?

The mouth surgery reduces the chances of infection and pain, and speed recovery. It also offers cosmetic advantages as it leaves no scars.


Are there any side effects associated with scarless surgery?

Side effects have been minimal, including sore throats, nausea and some abdominal pain lasting less than a week. Instances of perforation of esophagus have also been reported in one of the medical centers.


Did this surgery get the Federal Approval?

The procedure is under clinical trial phase, which recently ended enrollment. If the research continues to go as planned, makers of the device used in the operation plan to seek federal approval.


What are the opinions of surgeons on scarless surgery?

Dr. Scott Shikora, the society’s president, called the oral procedure exciting and innovative.  He said that “It is too early for us to say this is going to be a breakthrough”. According to him many U.S. obesity surgeons prefer other types of surgeries like rerouting surgery or flexible bands.


Whereas Dr. Nishi said “I’m very impressed with it “and so far, it looks like “a viable alternative.


In my opinion, like any other new medical technologies, there is always skepticism in the initial phase of development. Combination of more Physicians getting hands on experience with the technology, more data is available from follow up of current clinical trails and larger clinical trials will provide confidence and acceptance to wider range of Physicians. Looking at the growing obese population, scarless surgery provides promise to ease out complication of obese surgical procedure.  Like any other minimally invasive surgery, the procedure should result in shorter hospital stay or allow outpatient treatment.


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    The threat of obesity is widespread throughout the globe. More and more people are suffering from the condition, as it paves the way for a slew of dieting and exercise methods. Stomach stapling presents an option to quickly do away with excess fat. After the procedure, which reduces one’s craving for food, slimming down shouldn’t take too much effort. Problem is it also carries a handful of risks and potential side effects.

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