Renew your prescription at Walgreens through iPhone, Android, blackberry


Mobile health apps are increasing at a rapid rate and Walgreens is has introduced version 2.0.  This smartphone health app is called Walgreens and is available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Windows 7 fans will have to wait for longer to get their version of Walgreens health app.  The Walgreens app has capability to renew your prescription by capturing photo of the barcode on your pill bottle or entering the prescription code.

Walgreens is located around the US and the app can come handy.  The features of this app include:

Express Refills by Scan: Capture a prescription bar code from your phone and will have your refill ready to pick up. Also you can get a text alert, when your prescription is ready for pickup.  No longer you have to wait!

Flu Shot & Store Locator: You can locate the nearest store that can help you with flu shot or Take Care ClinicSM.

Photo: Do you like to order prints from Walgreens?  Well order them from your smartphone.

#800000;">Weekly Ad:
I generally look for weekly newspaper for good deals at local Walgreen Ads.  Browsing has become convenient by click of iPhone or Android.

I think Walgreen app can come handy if you are fan of Walgreens.  The good thing is Walgreens are located in area near by you; you can prepare a list to buy from weekly ads or have your prescription ready to pickup. Download the Walgreens iPhone app, Walgreens Android app or Walgreens Blackberry app.

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