Research found diabetes can unsweeten your sex life


Sex is an important part of life and healthy relationships. But diabetes can affect your sex life, a new study claims. The number of people with diabetes is increasing due to population growth, aging, and increasing prevalence of obesity and physical inactivity. According to American Diabetic Association 12.2 million or 23.1% of Americans above 60 have diabetes. Older adults with diabetes were found to be sexually active, but the disease does cause some problems with intimacy.

About the Study
Scientists at the University of Chicago Medical Center conducted a study of 1,993 people, aged 57 to 85. The research was a part of the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project. The study involves in-home interviews, self-administered questionnaires, blood tests to evaluate diabetes status, and medication audits.

The results of the study showed that nearly 70% of partnered men and 62% of partnered women with diabetes were engaged in sex two or three times a month, which is comparable to people the same age without diabetes. The study also found that:

• Diabetic men were more likely to express a lack of interest in sex

• Diabetic men more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction

• Women as well as men with diabetes reported a higher rate of orgasm problem, including climaxing too fast for men, or not at all for both men and women.

justify;">• Only 19% of diabetic women compared to 47% of diabetic men had discussed sexual problems with a doctor

• Men in the study regardless of age or diabetes status were more likely than women to be married or living with a partner, and more men than women said they were sexually active.

The study was presented in the September 2010 issue of the journal Diabetes Care

Researchers report that very little has been known up until now about sexuality among people with undiagnosed diabetes, who typically are earlier in their stage of the disease and who don’t know that they have the condition.

Diabetes is known for many complications like heart diseases, urological problems, kidney failure, eye disorders and erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering with erectile dysfunction or unable to maintain healthy sex life, consider discussing with your doctor.

Source: WebMd


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  1. Janet says:

    This gets be very angry because the drug companies control all the information that could help people.

    A filmmaker has been reversing diabetes and impotence WITHOUT medications in many countries but the drug companies do not promote the story.

    Just google SPIRIT HAPPY DIET

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