ResolutionMD Mobile for iOS launched for Clinical Use in U.S.


Health apps developed for medical professionals have gained momentum with  MIM mobile radiology imaging app setting stage by getting FDA approval.   ResolutionMD Mobile is another medical imaging app that got FDA approval last week.  Calgary Scientific developed this next-generation mobile app that delivers full-functionality advanced visualization of 2D and 3D, CT and MR images directly to mobile devices.

DICOM images and confidential patient information are stored in a secured server location and never transferred to iOS devices. This means clinicians get instant and secure access to the images they need.

Why choose Resolution Mobile?
Mobile medical image solutions require expensive proprietary hardware or transmission of images to the device for viewing. Resolution Mobile runs on off-the-shelf graphics and server hardware available from the major OEM providers. A supported mobile device with an installed client application connects to the Resolution Mobile server accessible via a wireless connection. The confidential patient information is never retained on the mobile device . This solution provides numerous benefits including:

  • Elimination of security concerns (information stays on the server )
  • Instantaneous access to patient data
  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs through elimination of redundant storage and centralization of installation and maintenance

Unique Network Rendering Technology
Its advanced, secure and centralized architecture does not require image data or confidential patient information to be retained on the mobile device, providing clinicians instant access and eliminating data security concerns.

Support Devices
Resolution Mobile currently provides support for Apple iPhone 4 and iPad 2, with the client application available via the Apple iTunes App Store. Future versions of ResolutionMD Mobile will provide support for other industry-leading platforms including Android.

Calgary Scientific ResolutionMD cleared by FDA
Calgary Scientific has received FDA clearance for its ResolutionMD Mobile radiological...

image browsing app (and underlying server system) for iOS devices of Apple i. e. iPads and iPhones. Fast image access and rendering relies on servers that prepare data to be used specifically by the app.

There is also an Android version of the ResolutionMD Mobile app, but that is being processed for FDA clearance.

  • It supports imaging modalities like CT, MR, SC, Enhanced MR, XA, CR/DR, PET and NM.
  • 2D: Dynamic window/level, Viewing presets
  • 3D:  Fully-interactive navigation, Free volume rotation & zooming,  Dynamic volume rendering & standard preset library, MIP/MPR,  Instant access to orthogonal orientations, Thick slab viewing (up to 50mm)
  • It has powerful work tools and auto-generated list of recent studies and DICOM query/retrieve access to PACS
  • It has universal access as it can operate on Wi-Fi and Cellular data networks (3G/4G).

The medical imaging app industry is moving in the right direction by getting FDA clearance.  ResolutionMD or MIM medical imaging apps would make diagnosis easier around the globe, wherein any physician available around the world can analyze the image.  Look forward for more advancements in this field.

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