Salmonella outbreak prompts recall of 13 popular egg brands


Are you planning to have egg omelette in the breakfast? Take a minute to look over the details on the egg cartons. Lately a case of Salmonella outbreak has been confirmed in the egg shells that have prompted nationwide recall of 13 popular egg brands produced by Wright County Egg of Galt, located in Iowa.

Details of the recalled products
The recalled products are packaged under the following brand names:

  • Lucerne
  • Albertson
  • Mountain Dairy
  • Ralph’s
  • Trafficanda
  • Farm Fresh
  • Boomsma’s
  • Sunshine
  • Hillandale
  • Shoreland Lund
  • Dutch Farms and Kemps.

The recalled products are being sold in various package sizes including 6, 12 and 18-egg cartons and contain three-digit code ranging from 136 to 225 and plant numbers P-1026, P-1413, and P-1946.  You can find the numbers on one end of the egg carton.


About Salmonella outbreak
Salmonella is a gram negative bacterium which can cause fever, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps and diarrhea in those with...

a proper functioning immune system, however can cause death in the elderly, toddlers, and people with suppressed immunities.

To date, illnesses have been confirmed in California, Minnesota and Colorado, but the number of outbreaks is expected to increase significantly over the next few days.

If you have the recalled brands in your home, you can return the eggs in their original packaging from where they were purchased for a full refund.  If you feel any of the symptoms of salmonella poisoning, contact your doctor immediately.

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Source: msnbc


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