Samsung Haven phone from Verizon caters needs of elderly


Smart phones like black berry, iPhones, Android, etc are designed for tech savvy younger generation.  iPhone have driven popularity of smart phones to greater heights in relatively shorter period of time.  Touch screen feature is fascinating as you can zoom in or zoom out by scrolling your fingers on the screen. 

These smart phones may not be as friendly for senior citizens as they seem.  That is one of the reasons Verizon wireless partnered with Samsung to launch a phone called Samsung Haven, which is designed to meet the needs of older population.  Samsung Haven is being publicized as easy to use phone packed with features.  The phone might not have touch screen features, which most of the younger generation is crazy about, but other key features include: 

–       Large easy read display with capability to change fonts

–       One touch key for 911 and In Case of Emergency (ICE)

–       ICE button can be customized store three contacts that first responders can call in case of emergency

–       Life Style Features that includes

  • fitness trainer offering stretching exercise
  •  music to relieve stress
  • medical information application to make notes and store information such as allergies and medications

The phone will be available July 29th, and will cost $39.99 with...

a new two-year customer agreement.

I remember watching an advertisement on TV for a product for senior citizens that was a small device worn as pendant in neck.  If elderly meets with an accident such as fall, they can press the button on the device to call 911 or paramedics.  You might think what the big deal is with feature like ICE, but for senior citizens, when no one is around, these tools can be extremely useful.  I think Samsung Haven is a good concept and waiting to see what kind of response it gets from the older people.  This could drive whole new market for the wireless phone companies, especially in places like Japan, where projected increase of elderly population is high.

Source:  imedicalapps

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