Sanofi Aventis, Agamatrix launch glucose meter plug-in for iPhone


Annual meeting of European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) is under progress in Sweden. Sanofi-Aventis announced results of Phase-III trail of diabetes drug lixisenatide.   Sanofi announced first of its kind plug-in-glucose meter, iBGStar for iPhone and iPod.  The glucose meter was developed in collaboration with Agamatrix.  According to the press release, The ultra-compact iBGStarTM can be plugged into an iPhone or iPod touch and displays results on a full-color, touch screen. It can also be used separately for on-the-go testing.”

What are the main features of iBGStar?
iBGStar is first medical device that can directly connect to iPhone.  The new product is expected to hit the market around January or February of 2011. The main features include:

  • connectivity to iPhone – physically plugs into the iPhone and iPod Touch
  • small foot print – tiny new USB-sized glucose meter
  • new iBGStar Diabetes Manager program –  a free logging app to track blood glucose, carbs intake and insulin dose
  • new iPhone case – requires case designed to encompass the phone + meter duo
  • stand-alone unit – can be used stand alone, the little meter has its own color display screen, its own battery, a 300-test memory 

iBGStar has not received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510k clearance, but is expected to get clearance as it has been designed to work as a stand alone unit also.

Are there any other medical devices similar to this?
Johnson & Johnson company, Lifescan introduced the idea of of connecting blood glucose meters to the iPhone and other smartphone in 2009 during an Apple event.  It is yet to launch such a device.

Agamatrix itself released WaveSense Direct Connect Cable that...

connects its Jazz Meter, a popular blood glucose monitor to iPhone.  The WaveSense software interface is similar to the one used by iBGStar.  This device is yet to get FDA approval.

How does iBGStar work?
MadGadget reported that Sanofi’s new BGM plug-in also makes use of Agamatrix’s proprietary Dynamic Electrochemistry technology to perform glucose measurements:

  • the technology takes a time-varying input signal
  • processes it to deliver better digital output
  • reports precise glucose measurements

How much will iBGStar cost?
iBGStar will be available for purchase directly from Sanofi. The expected price is around $8o.  At this point Sanofi is planning to give cases to connect iBGStart to iPhone for free as promotional incentive, but in future will add cost to consumer


Sanofi has made a smart move by releasing an iPhone attachment glucose meter.  I am sure it will make the diabetes patients life somewhat easy by taking measurements and analyzing data by hit of a button.

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Source: MadGadget

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