Say goodbye to high heel during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a special phase of women’s life. They go through with many changes in their body and feel a range of bodily expansions, aches and adjustments that last beyond the nine months they carry their baby. A poll conducted for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists found that many women feel pressure to keep up with celebrity trends and end up wearing ballet pumps, flip flops, high heels and Ugg boots on regular basis.

Lorraine Jones a Podiatrist said that these shoes are not suitable for pregnant women as they offer little support.

What are the major problems pregnant women face due to high heels?
It was found that seven out of 10 women suffered from foot problems including swollen ankles (37%), swollen feet (45%) and arch and heel pain (16%) while pregnant.

Why these problems are considered serious for pregnant women?
According to Ms Jones:

  • Weight gain and hormonal changes during pregnancy have impact on overall body.
  • Muscles and ligaments soften and stretch because of an increase in the ovarian hormone relaxin, which makes your feet more prone to ankle and ligament strains on a daily basis.
  • High heels alter your posture, shorten your calf muscles and place increased pressure on your back and knees.
  • In pregnancy this places extra pressure on your joints when they are already under strain – which can result in a host of foot,...

    leg and back problems and could increase the likelihood of falls.

What types of shoes are recommended for pregnant women?
It is recommended that the pregnant women should wear supportive, wide fitting shoes to minimise discomfort and avoid long-term damage.  Ms. Jones says that women should look for 1.2 inch (3cm) heels in order to shift weight a little further forward on to the feet, which can help alleviate discomfort.

Should I not wear high heel at all when I am pregnant?
Ms. Jones suggests that if pregnant women has to wear high heels then they should wear it occasionally, especially where you will not be on your feet for long time.

I think in general it is not a good practice to wear high heels for long hours. It can have damaging effects to the foot that women  might not realize in short time.  I hope you will make more healthy choices for your feet during pregnancy as suggested by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

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