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The Google Android fans were having a hard time in searching their app of interest as Google did not have a dedicated website for Android apps like Apple’s iTunes store.  It was bit cumbersome to search for apps through marketplace client on Android smartphone or tablet.  Google launched Android Market Webstore during Honeycomb Demo.

Android is one of the leading platforms for smart phones and tablets and has much more reach as it is not restricted to one device as in case of iPhone’s and Black Berry’s.  In fact Android is called as one of the most growing platform for handheld devices of future.

Chris Yerga, an engineering director for cloud services for Google’s Android group, said at an event to showcase Google’s new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system today:

“Now you can go to the browser and discover and get apps from the browser and install it to their devices directly from the Web.” Everything — the phone and browser –is connected through the cloud, Yerga added.

Android Market Webstore is powered by a Google search bar to enhance user experience....

You can just search your health app interest by medical or health category in webstore.  One more feature that can be useful to you is ability to send apps directly to their Android device with a few clicks.  Sharing your health apps with friends through Twitter is necessary and you can write reviews about the apps directly to Android Market from the Web or Android handset or tablet.

I think Google has made this move bit late, but as it is said “better late than never.”  I think it will be helpful to the Android community and specifically medical community to browse through the Android app via PC and email it to your smartphone.

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