Sip tea and coffee to soothe heart


Tea and Coffee lovers – here is good news for you. The latest study conducted at the University Medical Centre (UMC), Utrecht in Netherlands revealed that moderate consumption of tea and coffee can be helpful in reducing the heart disease.                                                                                            

The research has been conducted at a very large level. Researchers followed more than 37,000 people in the Netherlands for 13 years. In the history, it is one of the largest and longest studies performed to examine the impact of coffee and tea drinking on heart health.

Study findings: 

  • 3-6 cups of tea per day reported a 45% lower risk of death from heart disease than people who drank less than one cup of tea a day
  • More than six cups of tea daily is associated with a 36% lower risk of heart disease, compared to drinking less than one cup
  • 2-4 cups of coffee daily is associated with  a 20% lower risk of heart disease than people who drank more or less coffee or no coffee at all
  • Moderate coffee consumption had slight, but not...

    statistically significant, reduction in death from heart disease

The researchers suggest that the antioxidants present in tea and coffee may explain the heart benefits, but the exact underlying reasons are still not well understood.


The study appears in the latest issue of the American Heart Association journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.

Although study provides a positive response for tea and coffee lovers, but it also has some limitations. The study did not include people with known heart disease, so it is not clear if drinking coffee or tea is beneficial for them. However, for healthy people, it appears that drinking coffee and tea might offer some benefits.

Healthy drinking!

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