Six mantras to soothe common cold


Common cold is the most common allergic conditions that people catch during change in the climate and one of the leading causes of doctor visits and missed days from school and work. In my earlier post I discussed about the common cold and self care tips that can help to minimize the associated symptoms.  The set of symptoms normally includes are runny nose, sneezing, coughing, “chills” and a headache.

If you are among the people who catch cold frequently and suffer with any of the above symptoms, you are required to boost your immunity level. Immunity is our body’s defense mechanism that fights against foreign or pathogenic microorganisms responsible for infections. Here are some of the major risk factors that can keep your immunity low.

Sugar lover: A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating 100 g of sugar (think three cans of soda) significantly hampered the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria for up to 5 hours afterward.

Don’t drink enough water: Your body needs plenty of water to flush out toxins. Coffee and tea are acceptable sources to compensate fluid content in the body. But remember caffeine can also cause dehydration.  If you drink too much of coffee, drink plenty of water.

Over weight: Excess weight can cause hormonal imbalances and inflammation that impairs the immune system’s ability to fight infection.


Runny nose is a good defense against colds and the flu. If your nasal passages are too dry, germ invaders have an easier time.

Stressed out: It is no coincidence that people tend to catch cold after a big work deadline. According to a report by the American Psychological Association, long-term stress weakens the responses of your immune system.

Nursing a cold:  This means your immune system isn’t operating at top speed. An average adult picks up one to three colds each season that typically last three or four days. If you get more, your resistance might be low. Get more sleep, do regular exercise and round out your diet by consuming healthy veggies to improve your immune system.


Common cold is very common as it sounds. People generally ignore it and do not take precautions to improve the immunity. The simple truth is that there is no permanent cure for the common cold. The only way we can prevent is to make our immune system stronger.

Source: AOL health

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