Smartphone use among US physicians accelerating rapidly


Popularity of the smart phones like iPhones has lead to development of applications for industries like healthcare.  iPhone and Black Berry are loved by tech savvy people and you might wonder that in spite of development of so many health applications, how many doctors use smart phones.

The Spyglass Consulting Group has answer for you based on their in depth interview with 100 physicians working in acute care and ambulatory environments nationwide.  The study called as “The Point of Care Communication for Physicians” revealed that 94% physicians use or have used smart phones.

The interviews were conducted over a three month period starting from March 2010.  The main results of the study include:

  • 94 percent of physicians are using smartphones to communicate, manage personal and business workflows, and access medical information.
  • This represents a 60 percent increase from Spyglass’ findings in a similar study published in November 2006 where 59 percent of physicians were using smartphone.
  • “Physician smartphone adoption is occurring more rapidly than with members of the general public,” said Gregg Malkary, Managing Director of Spyglass Consulting Group.
  • “Physicians are showing a clear preference for using the Apple iPhone (44 percent) over the RIM Blackberry (25 percent).”

The study provided details about communication challenges that physicians are facing and main talking points are as follows:

  • Physicians experiencing...

    difficulties connecting with colleagues
  • Physicians overwhelmed by the volume of incoming communications
  • Physicians lack standardized processes to coordinate patient care
  • Physician’s smartphone adoption experiencing significant growth.

More details about the study can be accessed through this article: The Point of Care Communication for Physicians

There were concerns expressed by Medgadget regarding 100 doctors representing whole population of US in smart phone usage.  Although, Spy Glass says that physicians interviewed were technically competent and representative of a broad range of medical specialties, organization types, and organization sizes; we know these findings can be skewed based on the demographics.  None the less, I think study revealed that iPhone has increased usage of smart phone among physicians, although Black Berry has been on market for much longer time.  I am sure there is a reason that so many Medical Apps being developed and hope to see more in the future.

 Source:  Medgadget

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