Snow in 49 states: Shovel snow safely


The cold weather has hit hard in the US and as per the reports there is snow on ground in 49 states (out of 50).  This looks like some kind of a record.  If you own a home or have to shovel the snow, you should be careful.  Many hospitals report a rise in injuries and illness as a result of shoveling.  Most of the cases of injuries are related to bad posture used during the snow shoveling.

Dr. Selim Suner of Rhode Island Hospital also reported that injuries related to snow blower also rise during snow season.  Most of the injuries happen, when snow blower gets stuck and people are trying to fix it.  The nature of injury is from cuts to missing fingers.  Dr. Suner suggests that you should take some basic precautions in order to avoid injuries while clearing snow from your drive way.  The main suggestions include:

  • Bend your knees to lift snow and avoid back injuries
  • Complications such as heart attack can happen, so take it easy
  • Don’t exert too much clean the whole drive at once, take a break in between.

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  • If snow blower gets stuck, shut it off and wait for 10 mins or so, as blades might be moving
  • Do not use your hands to disengage the clutch, rather use snow shovel or stick
  • If children are excited about sledging, make sure they wear helmet

It may sound like the advise given by Dr. Suner is trivial, but believe me the most basic issues can cause severe injuries.  Be careful of the heart attack, if there is any ache in heart or pain in one of both arms, take a break.  Do not force yourself, shoveling is a lot of hard work.

Stay safe and stay warm in this cold weather.

Source: NBC 10

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