Study – A firm handshake linked to longer life

You might have to shake hands multiple time a day. Do you know hand shake can predict how long you may live? Scientists at University College London’s Medical Research Council claim that people who have strong hand shake grip, who can get up from the chair quickly, who walk fast and can balance their body on one leg have high chances to live longer than people who find difficulty to perform such physical activities.

About the Study
The study, carried out at the Medical Research Council-funded Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing.  Dr. Rachel Cooper and colleagues examined the data of 33 earlier research projects, involving tens of thousands of people which looked at physical capability and mortality. The volunteers were mostly over the age of 60, but living in the community rather than hospitals or care homes. Over the period of the studies researchers found that:

  • the death rate among the weakest grip strength people was 1.67 times greater than among strongest participants, taking age, sex, and body size into account.
  • the death rate among people who walked the slowest was 2.87 times greater than among who walked fastest.
  • the death rate among people who took the longest times to rise from a chair was about twice that of peers who were fastest.

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The paper is published in the British Medical Journal.

The researchers say that all the tasks investigated during research are common acts related to everyday living and these could be used as signs of general health or disease.  They hope that the tests might be used for screening purposes so that interventions can be targeted for weaker people.

We might not realize when we start having problems in our day-to-day life. Watch next time when you shake hand, rise from chair or walk as how strong grip you have and how fast you are in other activities. Hope this study helps you to watch your daily activities and motivate you to exercise daily, a key for healthy life.

Source: webmd

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