Study – Breast cancer not to come in way of becoming pregnant

Breast cancer is diagnosed in more than 175,000 women and the disease kills about 50,000 women each year in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute.  Are you keeping up with the breast cancer awareness articles in this pink month of October?  There is a lot of good information being disseminated, shedding light of various aspects of breast cancer.  One of such areas is risk of getting pregnant for women suffering from breast cancer.  Often, doctors advise their breast cancer patients to avoid pregnancy as it potentially could adversely affect their disease outcome. A new study revealed that getting pregnant might not pose threat to breast cancer patient’s life as initially thought. 

A new study was lead by Azim H.A. and colleagues from National Cancer Institute, Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt.  The study basically was a meta-analysis from 14 studies involving 1244 cases and 18,145 controls.  The study was published on Oct 11, 2010 in European Journal of Cancer.  

The study found that

  • The death rate from breast cancer decreased by 41% in women who got pregnant after breast cancer diagnosis, when compared with those who did not get pregnant. It was also revealed that this association was not affected by the type of the study and women’s history of node-negative disease.
  • Women with history of breast cancer reduced risk of death by 15% from breast cancer, when got pregnant as compared with those who were known to be free of relapse and did not get pregnant. This association was found to...

    be statistically insignificant.  None-the-less, this result indicates that pregnancy does not seem to increase the risk of death from breast cancer. 

 The researchers stated in conclusion that “This study confirms that pregnancy in women with history of breast cancer is safe and does not compromise their overall survival. Hence, breast cancer survivors should not be denied the opportunity of future conception.” 

The study gives hope to women who are unfortunate to be at risk or are suffering from breast cancer and want to have a baby.  Now you can discuss the results of this study with your gynecologist and take advice on getting pregnant and enjoy the pains of motherhood.  Be aware you can reduce your risk for breast cancer by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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