Study- sleep deprivation increases teenage obesity


Sleep is important for our health and most importantly sleeping on time. There is old saying- Early to bed; early to rise, keeps a person healthy, wealthy and wise.  There are many teens who stay up late in night either socializing through cell phones and computers, playing video games, watching television or studying. Health experts recommend eight hours of sleep every day. Having less sleep on long run can lead to various health complications. A latest study published in the Sept. 1 issue of the journal Sleep reveals that teens who do not take proper sleep, eat more high fat diet that keep them at high risk of obesity.


About the study
The study conducted by Dr. Susan Redline, sleep medicine specialist, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Researchers analyzed the sleep pattern of 240 teens for 5-7 consecutive 24-hour periods on weekdays. The teens were asked to wear the wrist meters that can measure their movements to determine wakefulness and sleep. Researchers had discussions with teens two times in a day to know their eating habits as what foods they ate, the amount they ate, and when and where. The analysis showed that:

  • Sleep-deprived teens consumed 2.2% more calories from...

    fat than those who slept eight hours or more a night. The percentage was higher among girls (3.3%) as opposed to boys (0.9%).
  • Teens who slept less than eight hours a night consumed, on average, 1,968 calories a day
  • Teens who slept eight hours or more consumed about 1,723 calories a day
  • Only 34 percent of the participants slept eight hours or more.

Researchers emphasized that metabolism is the process in the body that converts calories into energy. Lack of sleep can affect metabolism by changing the level of appetite-regulating hormones like leptin and ghrelin, setting the stage for poor eating habits. Also fewer hours of sleep provides teens with more opportunities to eat.

Sleep is a very important part of human life. Humans can survive a month or more without food, but not without sleep.


Source: businessweek


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  1. 社会 says:

    As a high school teacher who talked with students in my drama club, I was appalled to learn how many thought of suicide. And these generally were “well adjusted kids” who one would have never thought could consider such an act. You never know who is depression. Just talk to someone, they need to know they are not alone. As always you serve your viewers well. Thanks. :)

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