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How many of you have struggled to get an appointment from a doctor?  On top of that how many of you have waited outside your doctor’s office in spite of the fact that you had an appointment with your doctor at certain time?  This sounds familiar to me and it has kept me wondering why I need doctor’s appointment, if I have to wait. 

Smart phones, especially iPhone and its apps have caught attention of companies and there is a trend which is moving towards increasing real time communication between patients and care-providers.  These applications have potential to reduce the waiting time at a clinic or hospital.  An iPhone application was launched to address this need.

MedWaitTime is an iPhone application that allows subscribing doctors and emergency rooms/urgent care centers post their schedule availability online.  The main features of this app include

  • Patients can download the free application and enter their...

    appointment time and their doctor’s name.
  • The doctor’s office updates their status as necessary, or if they are available for walk-ins.
  • The service is supported by subscription fees to physicians of $50/month or $300/month for facilities.

I hope the clinic and hospitals realize the importance of this application for their patients and subscribe to the service.  As we roll along with the wireless smart phones, I am sure many more applications will be developed that make the communication better between patient and doctors.

Source: imedicalapps

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