Tawkon – Android, iPhone app can minimize phone radiation exposure


Cell phones and its effects on human health by prolonged exposure to radiation due to its use is always a topic of discussion.  In June 2010, state of California passed a law that requires cell phone companies to provide information regarding radiation levels, next to the handsets.  With increasing popularity of smart phones and its apps companies are working on apps for almost everything. Tawkon Ltd. as Herzliya, Israel based company developed an app, which monitors and analyzes your mobile phone radiation.  The app is called tawkon.  

Are you wondering what does tawkon actually do?  Well is what twakon do for you: 

  • collect and analyze network coverage, location, environmental conditions, and phone usage
  • minimizes radiation exposure by using capabilities like GPS and proximity sensors
  • can alert you if you exceed your predefined exposure limit and suggests you simple, non-intrusive ways to reduce exposure to radiation.
  • Suggestions are based on your real time...

    environment and usage factors.
  • available for Android phones but for the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and many more 


The jury is still out there whether cell phone radiation is harmful to your health or not, but until proven otherwise, you might want to reduce the exposure by using tawkon smart phone app.  

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  1. John says:

    I am not sure if the Tawkon is really useful, except as a reminder that radiation exists. If you would like to reduce radiation you should reduce the use of cell phone and always keep it away from the body. That is not easy all the time so me and my wife added the Cell Phone Bioprotector-http://www.personalbioprotector.com- a device for reduction of the cell phone radiation. We feel the difference, and feel good to be proactive.

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