The pink pedal cyclist crashed into fatal accident


The Pink Pedal

A 19 year old man, John Anczarski of Ringtown, Pa was on a mission to ride bike across United States for a selfless mission of increasing awareness and collecting donation for breast cancer.  Three of his friends were with him on the mission of cross country bicycling, which is called “The Pink Pedal”. 

 Guess what, John met with an accident with a SUV in New Mexico, at a road 50 miles from Albuquerque and was just 10 days away from his final destination, San Diego.  He was taken to University of New Mexico hospital owing to serious head injuries.  Life is not always easy; John could not survive this serious accident and was declared dead.

 Residents of his home town painted more than 250 pink light bulbs in honor of this mission, “The Pink Pedal: Riding Hard to Fight Breast Cancer.”  Many more people have made youtube honors in memory of John and his mission:


Anczarski was engineering student at University of Colorado and started on his mission “The Pink Pedal” from Pennsylvania on 23rd May with his three friends.  Although no charges have been filed, but a local Albuquerque newspaper reported “The friends who saw the horrific crash said they are angry at the driver who...

they said caused it and want the public to learn from what they’re calling a careless mistake.”  The case is handed over to Bureau of Indian Standards as the accident happened in the tribal area. 

Pennsylvania State Sen. David Argall gave a tribute to John, saying, “The pain of this tragedy is felt not only in Schuylkill County, but literally across the nation, as these four young men were cheered on by thousands of strangers while on their journey.”

This is a tragic moment for John’s family, friends and frankly speaking every one of us, who sacrificed his life for such a noble cause.  It would be hard for his three friends who were with him on his cross country mission, I hope they complete the tour and keep John’s mission alive.  There is nothing much we can do against the fate, but I would suggest to visit the The Pink Pedal: Riding Hard to Fight Breast Cancer, pay tribute by either writing a message or if possible donating for breast cancer to their trust.

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