Thimble: A Bluetooth device converts any text into Braille


Braille provides a great ability to the blind to read.  With the world moving towards smartphones and other wireless gadgets, a blind person can not experience these technologies.  The dream is not very far though; Erik Hedberg and Zack Bennet, students at University of Washington, came up with a concept to help the blind.  While they are working on the patent for the device called Thimble, it is a Bluetooth device that can be worn on the finger.  The device is equipped with “electro-tactile grid array”, which gives blind ability to read as it makes Braille shapes on the finger. 

I liked the name of the device, Thimble, which is a simple tool worn from ages, primarily by ladies who are working with needles (sewing) day-in and day out.  The blue tooth device does feel like the traditional thimble on the user’s finger due to its ability to make Braille shapes.  The main features of the conceptual device would include: 

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  • a camera to scan words in the real world and transcribe them into Braille
  • a microphone providing the user capability to ask, such as where they are, the phone will provide the location via GPS and the Thimble will read out the answer.
  • Can interface with a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth for reading online content. 

    Look through the video of the Thimble conpectual device:                                                                                

We look forward for Thimble device to come into market soon.  

Source: Wired

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