Tiny smartphone screens induce premature wrinkles in young women


Smartphones are great gadgets to talk to friends, check emails, surf internet, play games and so on.  With more and more apps being developed for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smart phones, consumers are staring at that small screen, literally, all the time. With social media like Facebook or twitter at its peak and ability to tweet or send message through smart phone has increased its use more.  Guess what! A anti-ageing expert Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh says reveals that younger women are developing premature wrinkles due to the small smartphone screens. 

Dr. Sebagh refers it as excessive scrunching of face in front of smartphone screens is leading to the premature wrinkles in women.  London beauty therapist Nichola Joss backs up the observation made by Dr. Sebagh and said that “I’ve noticed a huge difference over the past 18 months in my clients’ faces – it’s the constant peering intently down at that mini screen. It’s the same with an iPhone.” 

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There was a lot of buzz regarding dry eyes during to staring at the computer screen as it limits your frequency of blinking.  With increased use of gizmos like smartphone, tablet problems like premature wrinkle, dry eyes and many more will become much more prevalent.  The question is how user can take care of these ailments without limiting use of these devices.  I think, we should consider simple solutions like washing the eyes frequently, relaxing and may be use eye lubricants (like Thera Tears). 



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