Tips to choose low calorie vending machine snacks


In today’s increased pace of life we are becoming more and more dependent upon readymade foods. Why not!! Readymade foods provide us more convenience not only in terms of the cooking but are more portable to carry.  As per marketing forecast for 2020 – Consumers will demand convenience for product and shopping environment. The tendency to snack between meals will grow further. This increase in eating occasions or grazing will aid portable, hand-held foods into the fastest growing sector of the food industry. Vending machines, convenience stores, and other creative distribution mechanisms will play key role to fulfill consumer demands.

ipod_vendingmachineNow Vending machines are not only used for grabbing snacks, candies, drinks, juices but you can even buy accessories for i-pod, i-phone and other electronic stuffs. Recently when I was on my way to airport I found i-pod vending machines that were of great attraction for passengers on airport. They find i-pods and accessories worth purchasing during the long and boring journey. 

vending-snacksIf I talk about snacks, vending machines are the favorite spot for all age groups.  But this readily available food has some shortcomings as well. When we buy through vending machine we are not able to see the label of products.  This is why it becomes difficult to choose a healthy, satisfying snack?  Considering those innocuous-looking cheese crackers? They might...

come stuffed with artery-clogging trans-fats.  

Here I would like to outline the article published in Yahoo News where they surveyed different snacks placed in vending machines and categorized into two categories EAT THIS and NOT THAT. Actually they compared two brands of each category and categorized which is better snack in terms of health or lower calories. I believe after reviewing the chart below you will be in a better position to choose a healthier product from vending machine.


Though these are all well established products in the market and commonly available, but in order to stay healthy we should pay attention on their relative health value. I am certain that the above list provides you a guideline in choosing snacks that can prevent you consuming more calories and fat rich snacks, and may keep you away from the risk of future diseases.

Healthy Vending!


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