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2010 FIFA soccer world cup is hosted by South Africa first time in the history of soccer world cup.  South African Department of Health in collaboration with the regional office of Africa, World Health Organization (WHO) has published a guide on safe food for travelers.  You might be surprised, but as per the brochure published by WHO and Health Organizations of South Africa, millions of people become ill and thousands die from a preventable food borne disease. 

If you are planning to go to South Africa to watch you favorite team in 2010 FIFA world cup or as a matter of fact travelling anywhere across the continents, especially with infants and kids, I think the tips given in the brochure regarding diarrhea are important.  You may already know it, but it is always good to refresh the basics. 

What are symptoms of diarrhea?

  • Feeling of nausea, vomiting and/ or fever
  • Frequent bowl movement, watery or contain blood or last more than three days
  • Restlessness, thirst, sunken eyes or dry skin with reduced elasticity

It is advised that you should immediate seek medical help, if you or your child experiences these symptoms

What should I do?

Drink more fluids to keep yourself hydrated

  • Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS)* solution, boiled, treated or bottled water, weak tea, soups or other safe fluids
  • If...

    ORS is not available, mix 6 teaspoons of sugar plus one level teaspoon of salt in one liter of safe water («taste of tears») and drink as indicated in the

What I should not do?

  • Avoid drinking fluids that will dehydrate your body, such as coffee, overly sweetened drinks, some medicinal teas and alcohols
  • Medicines that reduce bowl movements, especially for children as they may cause intestinal obstruction

Remember the five keys to safer food from WHO:

  1. Keep Clean
  2. Separate raw and cooked
  3. Cook thoroughly
  4. Keep food at safe temperatures
  5. Use safe water and raw minerals

Diarrhea may sound like pretty benign disease, but it is a very common disease that can occur due to unsafe food, which can make your travel and experience extremely unpleasant.  Small basics but important things regarding food safety can keep you safe and happy on your vacation or business trips.

Healthy Travelling!

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