Tranexamic acid a lifesaver for trauma victims


 There are several cases of trauma reported every year. Over 2 million die each year from traffic accidents, about 1.6 million from warfare and other violence and 600,000 injured patients bleed to death worldwide. A new report published in the journal The Lancet suggests that an inexpensive and widely available drug could greatly increase the survival rate of severe trauma patients. 

Which drug that can help trauma patients?
Tranexamic acid, which is a blood clotting drug, has been prescribed by professionals for several years. Researchers have determined that Tranexmic acid (TXA) has potential to reduce the risk of death substantially, and if it is readily available to trauma victims could save 100,000 accident victims worldwide. 

Is their clinical evidence for performance of Tranexamic acid?
For the study, Roberts and his team examined 20,000 patients, randomly administering the...

patients with 1 gram of TXA. Those who received the drug had 10% greater survival rate than those who took placebo.

The study suggested that the drug could save over 12,000 lives per year in India and China. In countries such as the United States and developed European countries it is estimated that about 2,000 lives per year could be saved.


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