Trick or treat – Keep kids away from sugary Halloween candy


Halloween is around the corner with just three more days to go.  If you have small kids, your excitement must be at the peak with activities including selection of costume for your little one to plan for the evening. “Trick or treat” is the mantra of the Halloween day with children going door to door asking for candy.  Children are known to have a sweet tooth and Halloween day can be a day filled with sugar and tons of calories.

There are small tricks that you can apply to restrict your kid’s candy intake on Halloween day or thereafter:

  • You can fill you kids stomach with dinner before they go out for trick or treat.  Kids always have room for candy, but this can help less sugar intake on the day.
  • Parents can sort through the Halloween candy collection and separate the ones that are better than other.  As recommended by some physicians, separate the candies that have lot of fat content in them.
  • There is a old saying “out of sight, out of mind”.  Hide the candies out of sight of your little ones so that they don’t snack on it day in and day out.  One of my colleagues use to keep Halloween...

    candies on his office desk for other colleagues to consume them, an innovating out of sight approach.
  • You can make small snack size bags of the candy and give them as they want it.
  • Emphasize on dressing, spending time with family and friends to divert kids attention from candy.
  • Another idea that I like is to hand out  trick-or-treaters Halloween stickers, trinkets or fruit snacks as a fun, but healthy alternative.
  • Do some activities like dance, skating, etc that would help in burning calories.

Well it’s always challenging to keep little ones away from candies for too long.  Good luck and have lot of fun this Halloween.


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