Tumor turned out to be a pea sprouting in lung


What would you think if you were suffering from bad health, especially bad cough?  Well, seventy five years old Ron Sveden was having bad coughing spell and was diagnosed with dehydration and pneumonia.  More surprising were the chest X-Rays that showed a small dark spot, which could be sign of cancer.  The cancer test was negative, which was good, but the suspense still remained regarding the dark spot in the lung.

Doctors decided to operate Sveden and find out the mystery spot.  While Dr. Spillane was looking for the tumor in the region of dark spot, he ran into the encrusted mass, which did not look like tumor.  Dr. Spillane sent it to pathologist for analysis and was identified as a piece of vegetable.  The spot turned out to be a pea that was sprouting inside the chest.  Dr. Spillane said that “A couple days in a dark, wet environment, I’d sprout too.”

Could you imagine that a pea can enter into your lungs and create trouble?  After removal of fluid build up and a month of recovery period, Sveden is in good shape.  Dr. Scott Slater, Sveden’s pulmonologist, who sent him to Dr. Spillane, said that...

it is not uncommon to accidently inhale a small object.


In 2009, a Russian surgeon said he found a tiny fir tree in someone’s lung and suggested the patient could have inhaled a seed. Experts said at the time that a fir seed could not germinate in the lung because it needs sunlight.

No body would have thought that a pea can become such a headache.  In the end, it worked out well for Sveden as Dr Slater said “It’s given him a whole new lease on life.” “He went from someone who probably had advanced lung cancer to someone that’s no sicker than someone else his age.”

Source: usatoday


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  1. Aaron says:

    That’s kind of scary. I guess anyone with pneumonia should be careful of what they eat until they’ve recovered.

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