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I was watching US Open match yesterday between Federer and Djokovic and it’s amazing to see the fitness the players have.  iPhone has prompted development of personal fitness apps and in a way revolutionized the digital tracking of your health.  If you are one of those, who like to run, daily or frequently to keep yourself fit, you will like an iPhone app released by Nike, which is called as Nike+GPS app. Nike does not need any introduction, when it comes to fitness and sports gear, especially its shoes.

If you are thinking that Nike+GPS app is one of its own kind, it is not so, but there are certain features that have been integrated together and off course it has the name Nike associated with it.  Lets a take a deep dive into this app:

Keep track of basic parameters: If you are using pedometer to track the distance you are running, get rid of it, if you have iPhone.  This app will track your speed, distance time, calories burned anywhere you run.  It can store the data and compare it to your previous runs, so that you will know, if you went much further than previous day(s).

Where was I running: As the name of the app suggests, it has integrated GPS technology and tracks your running parameters as a function of geographical location, whether you are running in treadmill or in a park.  One more good thing is, it will show your pace and distance at different point on the track you were running, so that you will know where you speeded and where you slowed down.  While running, if you are wondering how far you have come or how far you are from your final destination, just tap on the screen and it will tell you your current location.

Motivate yourself while running: I can tell you, I need motivation from time to time to keep myself on a running routine.  Nike+GPS app can help you to do that for you.  It will give motivating...

messages from top athletes and celebrities, such as Lance Armstrong, when specific customized goals are achieved, challenges are won, or when a personal best is achieved.

Challenge Yourself: This is a neat feature of Nike+GPS app. You can use the “Challenge Me” feature to challenge yourself to run farther, faster, or longer than a previous run already logged. Don’t you feel adrenaline rush when you’re able to beat your previous records or beat a set target!

Connect to the world: I think this is the most basic requirement of an app these days.  Nike+GPS app allows you to wirelessly connect with www.nikeplus.com after each run to instantly save the run and share it with friends via the site, Twitter, or Facebook. Also, you can connect with runners in different part of the world or in your area.  I think that allows you to team up with people in your area that run regularly, if you want.  In addition, you can view your progress on goals, participate in running challenges and download coaching programs.

The Nike+ GPS App can be downloaded from apple store (itune) for $1.99 on iPhone and iPod touch. Video tutorials for the Nike+ GPS App are available at:

  • http://videos.nikemedia.com/NikePlusGPSApp_1.mov
  • http://videos.nikemedia.com/NikePlusGPSApp_B.mov

I think it is worth buying this app and track your fitness routine over a period of time.  If you are already using it, feel free to share your experience.

Healthy running!

Source: Businesswire

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  2. xiaoa says:

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  3. Nick C says:

    There is something like this on the Android also. It works well and has help me push myself to max

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