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Yuppie! It is July 4th Weekend.  One of the most awaited holidays as it comes in middle of summer, which is just perfect time to go out, especially if you are living in regions, which get cold and snowy most of the time.  July 4th weekend this year is expected to have more people on road than previous year according to recent reports.  Do you have your iPhone charged up to enjoy vacation at your favorite spot?  Sounds exciting, but it can be a real problem for you as you are never away from work, which could lead to vacation stress.

As per the reports, almost 25% of workaholic Americans are addicted to checking emails and working through their smart phone, you name it iPhone, Black Berry.  Part of it is attributed to the adrenaline rush that these people get out of working.  But part of it may be due to insecurity of loosing job or missing something important.

USA Today interviewed Dr. John Torres and he has some tips as to get away from work during vacation

  • Before you leave activate auto message that you will not be able to check messages for couple of days or weeks
  • Take a second or two to look at a email and decide if it can wait, chances are it can wait.  So, have your priority straight, vacation is for family!
  • Promise yourself and/or family that your will dedicated time to work or check email like couple of hrs a day in evening and that’s it.

One thing interesting has also been seen that some people have work withdrawal symptoms.  Wow!  I have read about withdrawals...

symptoms by quitting smoking or drinking, I did not know your iPhone can induce the same.  Dr. Muller of the Montefiore Medical Center said that “It’s important to not feel like you have to be on vacation the moment you pack up at the office on the last day before a trip.”

Here are some tips to deal with work withdrawal symptoms:

  • Dr Torres says: Relax and do some kind of physical activity like swimming, hiking or hit the Gym, preferably in morning.  Withdrawal symptoms can go away in a day or two.
  •  Dr. Muller recommends a technique called mindfulness: Being in the present moment at all times and not letting the mind wander too far ahead or back. It helps people relax and enjoy their vacations.

Try to stay away from your smart phone and work, so that you feel rejuvenated after your vacation, not stressed out.  I have done some camping trips, where cell phones don’t work and I can tell you it is really refreshing.  I also went a trip to Cruise last year and there is no way I was going to pay 100 bucks for an hour of internet (something that ridiculous) and enjoyed the vacation thoroughly.  Hope you have great vacation with your family not with your iPhone.

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