US opens Epidemiology Center in Shanghai

Epidemiology is the study of factors affecting the health and illness of people. It is considered a cornerstone methodology of public health research. It describes disease patterns in human populations, identifies the causes of diseases and provides data essential for the management, evaluation and planning for the prevention, control and treatment of diseases. An investigator who studies the occurrence of disease or other health-related conditions or events in defined populations is known as Epidemiologist. Recently, American and Shanghai health authorities opened an epidemiology center in Shanghai to train experts in sleuthing out ways to prevent chronic and epidemic diseases.

What is the major purpose of the epidemiology center opened in Shanghai?
Developing countries lack the infrastructure to cope with the outbreaks like SARS (sudden acute respiratory syndrome) and bird flu happened in 2003. Last year swine flu epidemic subjected people on life threatening conditions and drove home the rising risks from new diseases or deadly mutations of epidemic ailments.


Who are the supporters of the center?
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is helping with training and technical assistance at the center that will be “driven by what are the major public health issues in this country,” said CDC deputy director Stephen B. Thacker. The Atlanta-based CDC has trained more than 3,000 epidemiologists worldwide...

since it began international programs 30 years ago.

Wang Longxing, director of the Shanghai city Health Bureau, said the government is starting to invest more in prevention. “We want to avoid the situation where people will only be willing to spend money to go to see the doctor when they are already sick,” Wang said.

As a general psychology, we do avoid consulting a doctor until or unless it is badly needed. We go to doctor when we are sick or suffering with the problems. Such conditions not only can make the situation worse, but also can lead to spending more money. The purpose of epidemiology center is to provide prevention from some of major diseases, which are the leading cause of death. In past joint research in field of epidemiology helped identify routes of infection for some of those ailments.

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