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CES 2011 was a great show case for numerous tablet PC that are scheduled to roll in market this year to compete with iPad.  Later last week, MacWorld Expo 2011, a three day event held in San Fransisco, show cased many app related to iPad, iPhone and iPod.  One app in particular, The Skeletal System Pro designed for iPad by caught my attention.  This app is a 3-D interactive tool and has excellent features, such as zooming in, viewing a body part from different angles or read information about body part in English or Spanish.

The skeletal system pro app is designed for students or medical professionals providing basic to advanced level of anatomical medical knowledge.  You can zoom into any body part by simply tapping on it multiple times until you have magnified view of the bone of your interest.  Skeletal app allows you to identify a part by clicking on flags in English and Spanish.  If there are multiple flags in the view, you can further zoom in.  You want to test your knowledge on anatomy of human body; take a quiz and boast about your perfect scores to your friends.

The main features of the app include:

• Ability to zoom in and identify any region, bone, bone part or ligament.

• Ability to rotate the bone or region for anterior, lateral, posterior and medial views, inferior and superior views are available where appropriate. X-ray and skin views are also available.

• Over 350 high-quality 3-Dimensional images of the bones.

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• Full anatomical descriptions of all 1,200 labelled parts.

• All bone and ligament labels in both English and Latin.

• A magnification mode for when there are multiple flags.

• A dual index that can search in both English and Latin.

• Ability to test yourself with a fun Quiz function.

• Change background color from black to white and vice-versa.

• A ‘Home’ button that takes the user back to the start screen.

• No internet connection required.

Medgadget was at MacWorld Expo 2011 and had a first hand experience of skeletal system pro app.  The video shot by Medgadget will help you visualize the utility of the app:

I like the different anatomical views, namely anterior, lateral, posterior, medial and even inferior and superior, of different parts of skeleton system provided by this skeletal app. If you are looking to buy iPad or iPad 2, then think about adding skeletal app in your app library.  Download your copy of skeletal system pro from iTunes store for $19.99.

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