Washington Nationals Strasburg fifth inning exit due to strain in forearm


Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals pitcher was the No. 1 overall pick in 2009 draft.  He was diagnosed with inflammation on his right shoulder on July 28.  Washington Nationals were playing against Philadelphia Phillies and in the fifth inning, one pitch thrown by Strasburg forced him to leave the field.  Strasburg was injured second time in this month and this time is suspected to suffer from strained tendon on his right arm, which is the precious and expensive arm for the pitcher.

The game was in the fifth inning and Phillies striker Dominic Brown was facing Stephen Strasburg.  Strasburg pitched third ball to Brown and was seen to grimace in his follow through.  Nationals manager and pitching coach, Jim Riggleman was seen to rushing to the field after Strasburg shook his right hand several times due to the discomfort.

“He was throwing the ball very well, and you hate to see anybody show some signs that they’re a little tender out there,” Riggleman said. “Certainly with Stephen we’re going to be careful. We just hope for the best.”

Do we know the extent of injury to Strasburg?
The extent of injury to Strasburg right arm is not known yet, he will be undergoing MRI scan.   Nationals General Manager...

Mike Rizzo said after the game that “Strasburg’s injury was in the flexor tendon of his right forearm and that the pitcher would undergo an MRI exam.” Also Rizzo acknowledged that there was no swell in the region of injury.

When is Strasburg expected to be back in the game?
The MRI scan, which should be done today, will reveal whether Strasburg will need a surgery or not.  It is anticipated that the injury should not be severe enough for surgery.  His return to game on Thursday or not will be known soon.

Although, Nationals posted 8-1 victory against Phillies, the celebration was lost in midst of the Strasburg injury and his leaving playfield in middle of the game.  National players and Strasburg fans are waiting to hear about his return.

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