WHO launched database on use of child medicines

World Health Organization (WHO) recent report revealed that around 8.8 million children under age 5 die every year due to diarrhea and pneumonia, which can be avoided by correct use of medicine.  The underlining statement is the correct use of medicine rather than use of medicine.  We saw in a recent report that due to improper dropper use children could be given wrong dose of Vitamin D.

WHO developed a guidance document on proper use of children medicine for more than 240 medicines.  This is an outstanding achievement to avoid side effects occur due to improper or over dosage of medicines up till now. No universal document exists on proper use of children medicine, though some countries have their own instructions.

What information does the guidance document provide?
The UN health agency acknowledged that the document provides specific information on children medicine

  • use
  • dosage
  • side effects
  • common drug interactions
  • warning’s for which children shouldn’t take

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What ages of children are covered by the guidance document?
Children below age of 13 years are covered in the 528 page document.

I think this is a significant development as improper use of medicines in children can have long term side effects, if not fatal outcome.  I hope the document is available for review of parents and physicians.

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