Whooping Cough panic in California

Death of 5 infants in the state of California by whooping cough has lead to its declaration as epidemic.  California health authorities have asked residents to seek vaccination to protect from risk of whooping cough.  The warning calls for Latino origin people to be more careful, as the infants who died were Latino and less than 6 months old.

The problem whooping cough generally is diagnosed as flu or common cold, which could mislead people.  The whooping cough panic mode has been taken by California owing to more than 90 confirmed cases and many more still under observation.  California Department of Public Health has reported that it could turn out to be the most severe outbreak of whooping cough.

What is Whooping cough?
Whooping cough is also called pertussis. It is a bacterial infection of the respiratory system, which includes your lungs and breathing tubes.  In between coughs, the person may make a “whoop” sound when taking a breath.

What are the symptoms of whooping cough?
Whooping cough starts with cold, sneezing, runny nose and slight fever, which may get worse in the night.  The key is whooping cough generally grows stronger around or within 2 weeks.  The person has fits of coughing that seem to go on and on. The coughing can be so bad that the person throws up.

Is whooping cough common in summer?
Yes, generally people suffer from whooping cough in summer during July and August by doctors.  Doctors believe that the outbreak is...

more severe this year and if proper steps are not taken, it can be dreadful.  Other states in USA also have whooping cough at this time, but have not reached alarming stage as in California.

Are infants vaccinated against whooping cough?
Infants are inoculated against whooping cough at the age of two months, but until they reach six months, infants are venerable to the cough.  It is suggested that the children should be given booster shots in teenage as well as in adulthood.

Infants are sensitive to various infections and I think it is important for parents to watch out for whooping cough.  The sad part is infants can not speak, so it is difficult to figure out the problem in first instance.  As most of the symptoms of whooping cough can be confused with cough and common cold, California residents should be extra careful and protect their children.

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