Will iPad2 continue to rule physician’s heart as top Medical Tablet?

Apple launched second generation of iPad on March 11, which has been cynosure of tech savvy people after Steve Jobs introduced it.  Motrola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, RIM Blackberry Playbook, HP WebOS and many more crowding the tablet PC space, which one do you think will be treated by the healthcare industry the best? We wrote about the critical requirements of “Medical Tablet” in the past and a survey by Aptilon revealed that iPad still rules physician’s heart.

Speaking of Aptilon, it’s an online marketing firm in Montreal that offers a mobile marketing service called AxcelRxSM. AxcelRxSM connects more than 450,000 health care professionals through iPad in real time through web.  The survey collected from 341 healthcare professionals revealed that:

  • 79% of physicians preferred the iPad, while 12% would go for a Windows-based tablet and 9% for an Android model.
  • 38% of physicians plan to buy an iPad in the coming year
  • 59%of doctors that own an iPad plan to use it for medical purposes.

Aptilon’s COO Mark Benthin said “The research indicates that the Apple iPad is going to be an ever more important part of an HCP’s [health care professional’s] daily life as a tool to enhance productivity and remain up to date with the latest developments in their medical field,” in...

a statement.

I agree with Mark, but Apple will loose share with other players entering into this space.  Mobihealthnews.com has released a report “The Coming Medical Tablet War,” predicting the deployment and app strategy for iPad, but Google, HP and RIM will step up to the plate.

Google’s Android platform already has hardware-intensive video and 3D imaging, and PlayBook‘s compatibility with embedded medical devices should appeal to physicians, according to Mobihealthnews.

It will be interesting to see Apple’s share in Medical Tablet market at the end of 2011, none-the-less the competition should be healthy for the medical industry and will challenge more innovative apps from the development community.

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