Withings unveils baby monitor for iphone during CES 2011

How many have you heard of or used baby monitor?  If you are a parent, you might have used baby monitors to track activity of your baby, while the baby is sleeping in other room.  When I first saw the baby monitor at BabiesRus, I was excited about the product.  Withings have taken the baby monitor to yet another level and introducing it in CES 2011.  It’s call smart baby monitor and utilizes latest video technology to monitor your baby through iPhone.  The smart baby monitor transmits voice and audio on your phone and let’s you keep an eye on your baby through iPhone.

Withings smart baby monitor
Withings is coming out with innovation solution for health monitoring and smart baby monitor is addition to the products along these lines.

The main features of the baby monitor include:

  • Compatible with your iPhone
  • Has a wide-angle lens, 3 Mega Pixel sensor, and night vision with infrared LEDs
  • Keep check on your baby through video and audio beamed to your iPhone
  • Capability to sing lullabies to your little one from another room
  • Capability to monitor humidity and temperature in room where baby...

    is resting through integrated sensors
  • Capability to set alarms to signal certain amount of activity or movement in the crib or temp or humidity goes out of pre-set level.

If you are attending CES 2011, I would recommend that you stop by Withings booth to take a peak at the small white box, which turns on when you open the lid and shuts down when you close it. Withings has not settled upon a price for the smart baby monitor, but product is expected to arrive in late March, 2011.

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Source: CNET

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